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New Issue of CheerLiving a Special Buyer’s Guide Focusing on Cheerleading Fashion

By Czarsignaf

...CheerLiving™, produced by Cheerleading Blog and sponsored by Chassé®, released its third issue with a significant page increase....

TabbedOut Announces New Executive Hires George Zirkel, Chief Revenue Officer, and Ari Horowitz, EVP

By Earshop

...Industry Veterans Bring Payment, Hospitality, and Branding Expertise to the Mobile Payments Leader...

Online Parts Catalogs Provider Publishes Digital Parts Catalogs: 101 eBook

By BearAlone

...New E-book is a Must-read for Industrial Manufacturers Seeking More Sales and Marketing Power...

Sales Momentum Shares 7 Sales Call Planning Tops to Help B2B Salespeople Increase Their Successes

By Fightergian

...Sales call planning is a critical for sales success in B2B accounts. Sales Momentum shares seven tips to help B2B salespeople improve their call planning – both before and after sales calls....

The Boys’ Club of New York Releases 2013 Program Report

By Glamourency

...Report Evaluates Impact of BCNY’s Programs and Initiatives...

Brady Releases LabelMark™ 6 Label Design Software

By FrogPunk

...Latest software version takes the hassle out of designing and printing labels....

Heritage Honda Westminster Two-Time Award Winner

By GoofyKrypto

...Heritage Honda Westminster, a MileOne Automotive dealership, is recognized for the second year in a row, as a 2014 Five Star Dealer....

CADENAS PARTsolutions CEO Tim Thomas Contributes Foreword to Re-Use Your CAD Book

By ChikkMister

...Written by J.B. Herron, this information rich resource is a must-have for engineering teams....

Esna Makes Collaborating Easier Than Ever for Busy Professionals

By Banditerli

...Esna Cloudlink 5.0 for Cisco delivers powerful collaboration capabilities inside Salesforce, Jive and Google Apps....

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